20 oz. YETI Rambler with Slide Top Lid

20oz Yeti Rambler

At first I thought the YETI Rambler was a big marketing gimmick, one of those things where you were paying just for the brand.  It’s a good thing someone gifted me one because I’m not sure I would have bought one for myself.  I now own 3 (all gifts BTW).  It’s awesome around the house and the pool, but I’ve found it’s also an indispensable travel companion. Here’s what I love about it:

  1. The 20oz size is perfect for traveling, it fits perfectly in a pocket on my backpack.  For me the 32oz feels too big to travel with.
  2. I have an after market slide top lid.  I bought this before YETI made one of their own, which I will eventually try and post about.  With the slide top lid I can carry my full Yeti in my back pack without spilling on myself if I bend over to tie my shoe.
  3. As you see from the dive flag, I personalize my YETI.  As they get more popular this makes sure that I’m drinking my drink, and it’s proven to be a good conversation starter.  Mrs. Blanco helps me change out the personalization from time to time.
  4. Bottled water can be expensive in the airport.  In places with safe drinking water I instead fill up for free at any fountain machine or restaurant.
  5. Flights are dry and airlines have little cups.  I usually just ask them to fill up my YETI instead and I’ve rarely been turned down.  Cold water for the entire flight, yes please!
  6. Some resorts will fill it with whatever beverage you want.  Enough said.
  7. They take a beating.  Mrs. Blanco fell getting on a sail boat with this one in St. Martin and as a result it now has a flat spot on the rim.  Whenever I fill it up, I’m reminded of that trip.

There are a lot of YETI knock-off products out there that may give you all the benefits listed above and save you a few bucks.  I can’t speak for them. Give them a shot if you want to.  But after traveling with both my YETI Rambler and Tundra 65 I’ve become a YETI believer.

Mucho Blanco

Do you get sun burnt but never tan? Mucho Blanco can relate. But he doesn't let this genetic misfortune overcome his love for warm, sunny places near the ocean. After applying copious amounts of sun block he just gets his adventure on. He's a man on a mission: return from vacation just as white as he left.

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