Better Than Sex

Better Than Sex - Key West

If you really believe that this place could possibly live up to it’s name, you might be doing it wrong!  But it’s an extremely fun concept, and not to be missed.  Mrs. Blanco and I made it a point to visit this place twice on our short trip to Key West.  It’s within walking distance from H2O Suites.

Walking up to the place, with it’s blacked out windows, you might think it’s a strip club.  But no, it’s a dessert only restaurant that features a menu filled with indulgent items who’s titles might make you blush.  Options include chocolate rimmed wine, coffee drinks, cheese cakes, cookies and other desserts.

While the establishment is generally family friendly, I’d suggest you leave the children at home unless you enjoy explaining double entendre to them.  We did see a family with teenagers in there, good for them, but I’m not doing it.  Call and get reservations early as the place is usually busy, but if you don’t get reservations just call and put your name in while you are finishing dinner.  They are terrific at working people in and the tables turn fast because it’s just dessert.

They are closed on Wednesday in honor or Hump Day, so plan accordingly.  Enjoy!

Mucho Blanco

Do you get sun burnt but never tan? Mucho Blanco can relate. But he doesn't let this genetic misfortune overcome his love for warm, sunny places near the ocean. After applying copious amounts of sun block he just gets his adventure on. He's a man on a mission: return from vacation just as white as he left.

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