El Siboney

El Siboney

Mrs. Blanco had discovered this place on Yelp and it was on our short list of dinner options.  Then we made some friends at the hotel pool.  They were also on vacation but had been stationed in Key West while serving in the military.  When we asked them about good places to eat, the first place they mentioned was El Siboney.  With that it became a must visit and we went that night.

As soon as we walked in, I knew our pool friends had not steered us wrong.  It wasn’t much to look at, but the place was packed.  We were greeted with a curt “We’ll be with you in a minute” as a server rushed by.  With that I turned to Mrs. Blanco and said, “This is going to be great!”  I wasn’t wrong.

Mucho Blanco’s marks of a great restaurant: simple or dated decor, packed, wait staff that is constantly on the move, and awesome smells.  Find all of these  and you’ve usually struck culinary gold!

We both ordered the ribeye steak, a recommendation from our pool friends, and a pitcher of Sangria (for $17!)  It was one of the cheapest and most enjoyable dinners we had in Key West.

I’m not going to say anymore, just go.

Update September of 2018: We ran into a Key West local while vacationing in the Smokey Mountains.  As we related some of the high points of the trip, El Siboney came up.  She said she eats there often and was surprised that “tourists” had found this “local spot.”


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