H20 Suites – Key West

H20 Suites Key West, FL

When we visited H2O Suites in June of 2017 it had only been open about 6 months.  The completely rebuilt twenty-some room boutique resort now sits on the site that used to be occupied by the Spindrift Hotel.  I found a remnant of it on the elevator license.

Spindrift Hotel
Remnant of the Spindrift Hotel

Located at just one block from the South end of Duvall Street you are removed from the touristy section of Duvall and all the traffic from the cruise ships.  The hotel doesn’t have a restaurant on-site, but there are plenty of great food options within walking distance.

The suites are modern and spacious.  Upon check-in the staff highlighed two stand-out features of the suite: two flat screen TV’s and a drawer fridge and freezer. Mr. and Mrs. Blanco couldn’t care less about two TV’s, we find other ways to entertain ourselves on vacation.  But a drawer fridge and freezer, oh my! Every hotel should have these.  It didn’t take us long to make a run to stock up and avoid paying hotel mini-bar prices.

Mucho Blanco Tip: There is a a CVS 3 blocks from the hotel that has food, beer and wine.  It’s not your standard CVS.

The Loneliest Sun Umbrella
The Loneliest Sun Umbrella

The only negative I could find at this hotel was that there wasn’t much shade at the roof-top pool. There was a solitary sun umbrella and the seats were often occupied.  Talking to a staff member about it we learned that more umbrellas were planned. Due to customizations it was just taking a while to get them.

The name H2O suites hints at the fact that you can book a suite with a private plunge pool, but there is also a rooftop pool and bar for the hotel guests.  The pool is s a great place to mingle with other guest and pickup tips on places to eat and things to do – we’ll share some of those tips in our other Key West posts.

You can’t go wrong booking a stay at the H20 Suites whether you spring for a private plunge pool or not. Mucho Blanco Travel Services can help.

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