L.L. Bean Adventure Rolling Duffle

Large LL Bean Rolling Adventure Duffle

I bought this L.L. Bean Rolling Adventure Duffle to replace a large rectangular suitcase we had. We now own two of them – Mrs. Blanco has one in pink.  They have become indispensable adventure companions for us.

It’s Lightweight
With our big Suitcase we always struggled to fill it and fit under the airline weight restrictions.  It was because the suitcase itself weighed to much.  The Adventure Duffle is extremely lightweight yet durable enough to sustain the abuses of being a checked bag.

It Collapses when Empty for Easy Storage
Once you reach your destination you can unpack and the bag collapses down to about 6 inches in height which makes it easy to tuck away under a bed, in the corner of the closet, etc.  This feature has come handy on sailing trips where storage is at a premium, but also when your return home it’s easy to store.

Here is the empty bag collapsed down.

It’s Easy to Pack
I cant really explain it, but I feel like because of the shape I can fit more in it than I can a traditional suitcase.  Rectangular suitcases always felt more like playing Tetris, where with this I just throw stuff in with little thought to organization.  It’s a much easier way to pack.  The large size is also long enough to hold my 30 inch scuba fins which means it also works great for dive trips.

You Can Get It Embroidered
It’s easy for bags to get confused when traveling and being able to embroider something unique on your bag can help with identification. I went with “Not Yours” – it’s simple, effective, and I get a few laughs from fellow travelers.

The only downside I discovered was that it doesn’t stand up on it’s wheels like most suitcases do. Meaning if you want to let go of the roller handle you need to lay it flat on the floor of lean it against something. After having mine fall against my leg more times than I will admit publicly, I learned to live with it.

Mucho Blanco

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