Photive Hydra Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Photive Hydra Bluetooth Speaker

As you can see from the pic, my Photive Hydra is well used.  The paint is coming off, it’s dented, the screws are starting to rust.  But it’s earned that patina and I’m pretty stinking proud of it.  Here’s a short list of places it has been: St. Martin, Mexico, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Gulf Coast, and the Georgia Mountains.

Here’s why I think it’s hard to beat:

  • Only costs $35 on Amazon (and it’s Prime)
  • Great battery life – I’ve gone 2-3 days without a charge
  • It’s water (salt and fresh) and dust proof
  • It just works.  I’ve experience random disconnects with other speakers
  • Good sound quality and it’s loud enough to overcome wind and wave noise
  • Weighs less than a pound
  • The shape is great for placing in a sun umbrella frame (which Mucho Blanco can usually be found near)

There are a lot of options for wireless bluetooth speakers, but at $35 that’s a long list of pros and I’m hard pressed to come up with a con.


Mucho Blanco

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